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The Saudi labor market needs many professions due to its great development, large size and scarcity of labor.

- Construction contracting.

The field of contracting is one of the most important fields in which employment is provided, from engineering consultants, technicians and executive managers to regular labor. It is one of the important specialized fields that require high experience in selection and selection from employment.

- Industrial fields.

Medical and health field


It is one of the most specialized areas that require internationally recognized higher diplomas and requires very careful selection and reliance on those with experience in the selection process.

- The field of electronic industries

It is a highly specialized technical field and needs a high degree of accuracy from the first engineer to the technician.

- Accounting and law

An area that requires a high degree of experience and study for the individual and high accredited certificates.

Agricultural field

The beginning of the agricultural engineer, technician and farmer area of ​​particular importance.

- Food industry

From manufacturing to sales, they need employment with special specifications

      - Area of ​​commercial sales centers.

It needs individuals with strong persuasion, coordination and good appearance.

- Furniture industry

It is a technical field of fine taste from the beginning of the process of manufacturing to selling.

- Advertising field.

From the stylist to the publicity rep you need experience and a high degree of persuasion.

- Assistive Employment.

All industrial, commercial and contracting fields are not dispensed with for help workers from the beginning of cleaning workers they have a large role and are not dispensed with in all institutions and bodies.

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